Crystal Ultra Dental Implants

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Crystal Ultra Dental Implants

The Future of the Implant Industry

One of the most exciting new technologies to emerge in the dental industry right now is the super-flexible Crystal Ultra dental material. It is a dental prosthetic material perfect for full arch restorations and implant dentistry. Crystal Ultra dental implants could very well be the future of the implant industry.

Crystal Ultra has an extremely realistic look and what is considered to be the closest to the feeling of natural teeth. This is because it’s made out of a special hybrid blend of silanated glass and advanced polymers, which give it an amazing mix of elasticity and strength.

The Specifics

The Crystal Ultra ceramic is quickly proving its worth, with more than 5,000 successful dental cases. The flexibility of the material makes it an extremely popular nanoceramic. It can actually flex inside your mouth, which means it won’t crack, chip or fracture from normal use. Its 490 MPa’s make it the strongest nanoceramic in cosmetic and implant dentistry. It also happens to be 60% lighter than Zirconia, which makes for a gentler, easier mouth feel.

As mentioned earlier, its very popular for full arch prosthetics as well as bridges. Crystal Ultra crowns are just as durable though, and are a great product on their own. The finished product is individually glazed to fit perfectly into the smile of each user. Crystal Ultra shades have an amazing, realistic look to them. They can easily cause you to forget they’re not your original teeth.


Overall, there are really no faults to find with this material.

For dentists, it’s a great material to work with. It allows for very easy and quick chairside adjustments whenever the need arises. It also is very resistant and they can feel safe knowing it won’t chip or break easily. 

For users, it’s a wonderful looking prosthetic that offers one of the best (if not the best) mouth feels out of any dental implants available. 

LPA Dental Lab is one of the only Sacramento dental laboratories that offers Crystal Ultra dental implants as one of its premium products at an extremely low price. 

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