Crystal Ultra is the most functional, aesthetic nanoceramic in the industry with over 5,000+ successful use cases. It’s gentle, shock-absorbing feel closely resembles the experience of natural tooth enamel. At 10 GPa, it is the most flexible ceramic on the market and the only ceramic that actually flexes in your mouth, so it won’t chip, crack or fracture under stress. It also boasts 490 MPa, making it the strongest nanoceramic dental material in use for cosmetic, minimally invasive and implant dentistry. 

  • Gentle: 60% lighter than Zirconia
  • Durable: 490MPa of compressive strength
  • Shock Absorbing: No “clacking” and less stress on implants.
  • Adjustable: Chairside Adjustment and Reline
Crystal Ultra Dental Implants