Our usual turnaround time is 5 Business Days. We also offer Same-Day Deliveries, upon request, for businesses within our local delivery range. Outside of our local delivery area, the soonest we can deliver is overnight. Since each case is specific, the best way to find out how quickly we can get yours done is to call us during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8-5) at (209) 647-4665.

LPA Dental Lab is proud to offer our services to any location within the US. The only services that we exclusively offer locally are custom shades (at no extra charge) and Same-Day Delivery.

Our local delivery area covers everything within 60 miles of our California locations in Sacramento, San Francisco and Ripon. If your practice is within this radius, it’s considered local.

We make our products out of the best materials and they are meant to last indefinitely under normal conditions. That being said, we do provide a lifetime warranty with our crowns. If they ever chip or break, we’ll provide a brand new product. If needed, we might request a new impression at no extra charge.
Yes, for all practices within our local delivery range, at no extra charge.

We accept STL files directly, you can send those to us via e-mail anytime. If you’ve got a different type of file, we are able to receive them via a portal that will convert them. This means you can connect to any portal such as iTero, 3Shape Communicate, Cerec Connect, Carestream or etc. and send us the files through there. If you’re unsure how to do this, we’ll gladly explain if you call us or email us with your questions.