How fast can I get a new tooth made?

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If you’ve recently chipped or lost a tooth in an accident, you might be asking yourself “How fast can I get a new tooth made?” or “How long does it take to replace a missing tooth?”

The first thing you should do if you’ve damaged your teeth in any way is go to a dentist as quickly as possible. Lots of cities have emergency dental clinics for this very situation, but if there’s not one around you and you’re feeling worried, going to the ER is also an option.

Nowadays, dental labs can make high-quality dental prosthetics tailored to your mouth very quickly! The first thing to do if you’ve got a broken tooth is have a dentist make a digital scan or a physical imprint of your mouth. Once you’ve got your scans/imprints, the prosthetic should be ready pretty quickly. 

If you need a dental prosthetic quickly, ask your dentist for a prosthetic from LPA Dental Lab. LPA is a Sacramento dental lab that delivers products nationwide, offers incredibly fast, high-quality service and has same-day (local) and next-day crowns available upon request.

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About LPA Dental Lab

A dental lab operating out of Ripon and Sacramento, CA. We use the latest in technology to manufacture high-end dental prosthetic, from traditional full-metal crowns to CAD/CAM Zirconia.

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