How to Care for a Zirconia Crown

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How to Care for a Zirconia Crown

Zirconia is a material very commonly used for dental prosthetics, like crowns, bridges and implants. Many doctors choose zirconia crowns over porcelain or gold because they offer a great mixture of aesthetics, strength and durability. If you need to have a broken or decayed tooth replaced, there’s a good chance your doctor will recommend a zirconia restoration. Just like with regular teeth, it’s important to know how to care for a zirconia crown to avoid problems such as infection or chipping.

Learning How to Care for a Zirconia Crown

To properly care for your new dental prosthetics, your daily oral care routine should include:

  • Brushing all your teeth thoroughly, at least twice a day.
  • Using dental floss between every tooth, every day.
  • Using mouthwash, every day.  

Other ways you can protect your new teeth are:

  • Refrain from eating foods or drinks that are too hot or too cold.
  • Refrain from chewing hard materials like ice or pencils.
  • Refrain from using your teeth as a tool, such as when opening a plastic container with your teeth or a water bottle.
  • Never leave pieces of food (such as popcorn or meat) stuck between your teeth or your gums. They are a common cause of infection.

In Case of Emergency

Accidents happen, and even if you take perfect care or your teeth, there’s always the possibility that some unforeseen circumstance could cause your teeth (regular or prosthetic) to break when you’re not expecting it. If you chip or break your tooth, the first thing you should do always is to call your dentist. Keep all of the pieces of the broken tooth and take them to your dentist (or an emergency dental clinic) as soon as possible.

Food For Thought

Zirconia crowns are some of the hardest crowns you could have. They are resistant to chipping, they are resistant to staining and they can’t get cavities. They are an overall great replacement for your natural teeth and are very popular with dental professionals because of their qualities. That being said, lots of dental procedures are made necessary by patients who don’t take proper care of their teeth. Regular teeth and prosthetic teeth need to be properly maintained, brushed and flossed to last a long time. Remember to brush your teeth properly, and to visit your dentist frequently.

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