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Here at LPA Dental Lab, we use the latest techniques and technologies to manufacture high-end dental prosthetics. Our offerings span a wide range of products that include traditional full metal crowns, CAD/CAM zirconia, and more.

Crystal Ultra

Crystal Ultra is the most functional, visually appealing material used in cosmetic and implant dentistry. It is a nanoceramic that has a gentle yet durable feel that closely resembles natural tooth enamel. The shock-proof material has been successfully used in over 5,000 procedures and is preferred by various dental professionals.

Technical Features

At 10 GPa, it is the most flexible ceramic on the market that does not chip, crack, or fracture under stress. It also boasts 490 MPa of compressive strength, making it the strongest material for minimally invasive cosmetic and implant procedures. It is 60% lighter than Zirconia and is an ideal choice for quick and painless chairside adjustments or denture reline procedures.

Regular Zirconia

Perfect for patients with strong bites or who have tendencies to grind teeth (bruxers), regular zirconia is specially made to be absolutely comfortable while ensuring high durability. The material was originally used as a more esthetic alternative to tooth restoration using various metal alloys. It is widely used in the following:

Areas With Limited Occlusal Space

Dental Bridges

Inlays or Onlays (No Porcelain Overlays)

Implant Restorations

Screw-Retained Implant Crowns

Features and Advantages

Regular zirconia is highly resistant to chipping as it is made with pure, solid zirconia and has an impressive strength of 1,200 MPa. It can be used without porcelain overlays and is an excellent option for restorative dental procedures for anterior teeth. Using this material for shaded composite restorations results in better translucency and color, giving a similar look, feel, and function to natural teeth.

Cosmetic Zirconia

Our cosmetic zirconia has the innovative capability of mimicking the translucency and esthetics of natural teeth. The material offers complete color penetration and greater shade consistency, preventing any possible shade changes during and after dental adjustment procedures.

Multi-Layer Technology

Cosmetic zirconia builds transitional layers from the tooth surface all the way to the gums for it to achieve a natural look (multilayer effect). It has a strength of 800 MPa that ensures better results than traditional porcelain on metal crowns. It gives the highest esthetics and flexibility that works perfectly for restoration procedures on both posterior and anterior teeth.


E-Max is made from lithium disilicate, a new glass-ceramic material used for the fabrication of full-contour crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays. This type of ceramic restoration exhibits high aesthetics, strength, and translucency that mirrors natural teeth. This combination of features makes E-Max ideal for restorations on anterior teeth.

Features and Application

E-Max ceramic restorations are resistant to chipping unlike layered ceramic or porcelain on metal alternatives. This is due to their monolithic composition, average flexibility, and high strength of 400 MPa. Application of this material follows traditional, all-ceramic requirements and can be cemented or bonded.


We work with all implant systems, optimizing advanced milling and designing techniques to create the highest quality CAD/CAM bars and abutments. We provide the following types of implants:


Custom Titanium


Seal of Quality

We fabricate our components in-house, following the strictest standards that ensure quality and cost-efficiency. Our process allows us to cut surplus expenses so we can guarantee competitive rates for every valued customer. Rest easy knowing our titanium abutments come with a lifetime warranty and 5-year insurance coverage on the implant system itself.

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